Monday, 14 March 2011

Not the end says Yukiya Amano

Today, at long last, Yukiya Amano, an ex-Japanese diplomat and the current head of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency here in Vienna stepped forward to tell the WORLD that the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan did not herald the end of the nuclear energy industry.

The IAEA, so far silent, promised that from now on updates on the situation would be given to the media once every twenty-four hours starting tomorrow afternoon. ***

A scandalous situation!

This macabre piece of black theatre shows that the United Nations' nuclear flagship the IAEA and its leader Yukiya Amano are completely out of touch with reality.

Meantime Switzerland has said that it has suspended it's atomic energy programme with a view to reducing it's dependency on nuclear fuels.

Germany has announced that it will take out of service 7 reactors as a first step and other closures may follow. Other European countries are sure to follow these examples.

The call now is for the EU to bring into effect a programme of closures throughout the Union.

***No need to wait for the daily spin from IAEA's Amano. Poet-in-Residence updates are already being posted at ALMOST GAME OVER 2 posts below this one.

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