Monday, 18 April 2011

The Chernobyl 100

You can never walk away from a nuclear meltdown. I repeat - never.

Today, 25 years after the Chernobyl disaster there are still 100 people employed at the nuclear plant. Some days they can only work for 2 hours. The maximum is 6. After every shift they must leave Chernobyl and go to a place 50kms (31 miles away). So dangerous is it, even 25 years on, to stay there.

But that's not worst of it.

They can only work in a small area in the plant. The rest of the place is simply too dangerous to contemplate. The radiation is too high to enter.

But that's also not the worst of it.

The worst of it is that nobody knows what is really going on inside the concrete sarcophagus where there are holes and cracks so large that birds can nest in them. The really worst of it is that there could be another explosion ... at any time.

The Chernobyl 100 can NEVER walk away from Chernobyl.

And likewise the Fukushima 50 can never walk away from Fukushima.

The bending and twisting of the facts and the shenanigans of nuclear lobbyists and, it has to be said, the kowtowing attitude of much of the mainstream media is sickening and appalling.

Meanwhile the next tsunami, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, snowstorm, flood, fire, etc., etc. is lying in wait - not to mention terrorist, enemy bomber, or crazed madman.

So what advice to give?


Pray for what?

Dave Allen always said at the end of his TV shows: May your God go with you.

I think that's the best.

When the Big Earthquake occurs directly beneath the Hamanoka nuclear plant, which one day it will, and that's guaranteed (yes, they built a plant exactly where 3 major faultlines meet) the consequences for Japan and the rest of the world will be far beyond the wildest imagining.

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