Monday, 18 April 2011

What to do?

of this World
must always go on.

To stand still
or go back
would be folly.

These two are not options.

To go on is the way.

But how to go on?

That is the question
that puzzles our minds.

Science we need.

Today it's our creed.

It will take us from here
to the stars.

But let our science be gentle
as well as ambitious
for the sake of the Earth
and its people.

Let us go on
with the wind and the sun
at our backs
and with the stars
in our eyes
and under our feet.

we know what to do.

Now let us go on!



  1. Yes. Do I remember reading of a Native American tribe who would only adopt a policy once they had considered it's possible effects on the 12th generation?

    Liked the bard on run pic (couldn't get comments to work there). There is hope for we the groin strained yet! Running about 30 min now here, with no ill effects. Climbed Cnicht the other day, too, with no "twinges".

  2. Thanks Dominic. A very wise Native American tribe you speak of there!

    I'm pleased that you have overcome your injury and are now starting to run again. Good luck!

    In the Bard on the Run picture you will notice that I am wearing compression socks. I think they are a great 'invention'. I find my legs are not as tired after running and so my recovery period shorter - I think my risk of injury will consequently be reduced. That's the theory :) I'm

    But during my training runs I take time every 2 or 3 miles when I find a flat surface to do sideways skips say 20 each side (like I've seen footballers do before a match) and also a kind of high foot raising exercise (as if jogging up invisible steps - which I've also seen footballers do in pre-match warm up).

    Don't know what's the matter with the 'comments' box at BotR - I'll have a look later.

  3. I hear an echo of Beckett in this - Godot in particular.

  4. Thanks Clowncar.
    I hadn't seen that, but now I see that you are right of course. Godot's in my subconscious!
    One time I saw a brilliant performance with Martens (the German actor) where they played it on a stage hanging in mid-air.
    So, there's a thing. Guess that was me being Lucky :)


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