Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back to school

And everything
appears to be fine.

The clouds are high in the sky.
The girls and boys
are hard at work
at their desks.

"The wind
may scatter the blossom. . ."

The poem
is neatly written up
on the board, and
a book lies open
on the teacher's desk.

"and the twig
shall smile from the glass."

The windows are closed
and the men are outside.

Big lorries
are taking the playing fields

"Is everyone wearing
their long-sleeved shirt?"

Miss Fuji will soon ask
her class . . .

This poem is based on a recent revelation by Arnie Gunderson in "One step forwards and four steps back". It is dedicated to the innocent children whose health is being ruined.

The lines from the teacher's instructional poem are a product of my own mind, not some ancient Japanese wisdom.


  1. Hi Gwylam, f2 is "unpublished" and has been discarded by me. Anything "published" will be included in my collected works - only a small selection of "unpublished" will be included - believe you me it is no loss.

  2. Thanks Gerald. Maybe 2 much f-ing around :) ???


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