Friday, 13 May 2011

The Typhoon Season

My mysteriously vanished post concerned the Eastern Pacific Typhoon Season which begins on Sunday 15th May 2011 and blows out at the end of November. In fact, the season appears to have begun early this year.

The reason for drawing attention to the Typhoon Season is simply the question of what might, in a worst case scenario situation, happen if a Category 5 storm such as Hurricane Katrina scores a direct hit on the crippled and seeping sore that is commonly known as Fukushima, a gangrenous sore on which they are sticking and tearing off band aids like demented doctors in a war zone when what is needed is radical surgery.

Time, as always, is of the essence. The essence, in the case being the unknown quantities and types of radiations leaking quietly into the global environment.

Whatever it is the experts from TEPCO and the IAEA have to hide from the mild mannered people of Japan they should share with the rest of the world for the radiation pouring into the atmosphere, into the water table and into the ocean knows no boundaries. Unfortunately it belongs to us all.

The censorship situation where foreign journalists are not being allowed into official press briefings, as far as I am aware, continues. Perhaps those officials don't want to face the typhoon!

Footnote: A 6.2 earthquake (click 'Japan Quakes Live!' link to view location) at 35km depth with epicenter just off the coast on 13th. Now this must have seriously jolted the Fukushima plant. So, any more cracks in the ruins? The answer may be obvious, but even so we should be kept informed. Why can't they understand this???

"ONE STEP FORWARDS AND 4 STEPS BACK" from ARNIE GUNDERSON (please click appropriate LINK at top right).

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