Monday, 13 June 2011


In his new video, released yesterday, nuclear expert Gundersen shows a chilling photograph of a chimpanzee's lung which has been invaded by just ONE hot particle.

In Tokyo during the month of April residents were inhaling TEN hot particles per day, in Seattle (USA) up to FIVE hot particles and in Fukushima up to FOUR HUNDRED hot particles per day.

Hot particles contain cesium, strontium, plutonium, uranium and other dangerous 'materials'. These HOT PARTICLES CANNOT BE DETECTED WITH GEIGER COUNTERS.

If you live in Japan you would be well advised, for example, NOT TO CHANGE A CAR AIR FILTER unless you are wearing protective clothing.

Japan latest: RT (visit link >>>) reports radiation levels of between 30 x and 1,000 x the safe level in Fukushima City which is situated outside the exclusion zone.


  1. I am afraid this is a situation that will not be over anytime soon, at least not in my lifetime... probably not in my 28-year-old daughter's lifetime, either.

  2. One good sign is that 95% of Italians of the 57% who voted yesterday (for Italy, a high turnout!) voted against having them!
    Well, I'm not surprised - imagine what would happen if Vesuvius erupted and covered an Italian reactor with hot ash. Mind you that could still happen - Rumania, Bulgaria - countries with dinosaur reactors are not far away!


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