Sunday, 12 June 2011

Unsafe at any dose

Alexej Jablokow, ex-President Gorbachev's environmental advisor and founder of Greenpeace in Russia, was recently asked by Manfred Kriener to estimate the number of deaths resulting from Chernobyl. The full interview was published in Neue Argument no. 117.

From the interview (my translation) - some points in brief:

Kriener: Mr Jablokow, you have looked at hundreds of scientific studies . . .

Jablokow: . . . not hundreds, thousands!

And so we come to the figures -

Jablokow: . . . independent US and Canadian experts have reckoned the total deaths (from Chernobyl) will be between 900,000 and 1.8 million. This number includes those who are still to die . . .

Kriener: . . . other calculations give the actual deaths to have occurred around the world.

Jablokow: . . . in 1996 the EU published a special atlas showing the cesium distribution pattern in Europe . . . calculations based on this give a total of 1.03 million deaths around the world.

Kriener: Official figures from the UN and WHO speak of only 9,000 deaths. A macabre juggling of the victim numbers. Who can we believe?

Jablokow: . . . I myself have protested outside the WHO building in Geneva for 2 years. On our placards it's written: Remember your Hippocratic Oath!

Kriener: At least the deaths of the Liquidators must be included . . .

Jablokow: My research shows that there were 830,000 Liquidators and not 600,000 as reported. Of these between 112,000 and 125,000 had died by 2006 . . . and their average age was about 43 years . . . the number of nuclear accidents is not decreasing, the reactors are getting older, their life span is being extended. You cannot make a new car from an old car. Therefore a new Chernobyl is not far away. On the contrary: it comes nearer.

Date of Interview: FEBRUARY 2011.

I urge readers to look at Dr. Helen Caldicott's webside and her article Unsafe at any dose. Caldicott's research and conclusions are strikingly similar to Jablokow's.

I have explained before on this Poet-in-Residence blog why you cannot trust the WHO any more than you can trust the IAEA. It's time their unholy alliance was ended. When it comes to the activities of the nuclear energy industry the WHO is nothing but a cover for the IAEA and the IAEA is nothing but a lobby for the nuclear industry. And it all takes place under the devalued flag of the UN.

See also Prof. Robert Jacobs comments regarding the Fukushima media cover-up via the RT sidebar link >>>


  1. Does money come into this somewhere? I am fast coming to the conclusion Gwilym that money - or rather the love of it and the greed lies behind everything these days. Maybe it always did.

  2. If we accept the generally accepted figure from various independent sources we know that already a million people have died of various illnesses and cancers as a result of Chernobyl and many more will including those as yet unborn for some of the mutations take generations to work through and produce illnesses like cystic fibrosis so then we have to ask ourselves how many people will be affected by the radiation spewing out of the Fukushima reactors. Well, I think since Tepco are saying its going to take 12 months to 'deal with' what basically amounts to 4 Chernobyls we can start thinking about numbers in the tens of millions mostly along the northern Pacific rim and of course in Japan itself.
    This is the unfolding nightmare scenario they are trying to hide from the world and this is why no mainstream news media outside of the Russian TV channel RT is reporting on this.
    It's a yen for money too, these media and the world's politicians are in receipt of some fat fees, you are right there:) Next to profit will be the bankers and the drug companies - and so the wheel turns and turns . . .


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