Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Wot, no earthquake?

Today the 8th June 2011 is the first day (complete 24-hour period) since the mega-earthquake of 11th March 2011 that there has been no significant earthquake recorded on the NZ based Japan-Quakes Live LINK --->.

In fact, at the time of writing, the earth in Japan, seismically speaking, has been silent for 39 hours.

This is a strange thing. I hope it does not mean that tension is building. I hope it means that tension has now been released. We shall have to wait and see,

Meanwhile we can contemplate the fact that nuclear giant TEPCO admits to under-informing us of the seriousness of the radiation leaks by at least half.

Residents of Tokyo are inhaling 10 hot particles per day, in Seattle (USA) it's 5 particles per day. A hot particle is a cancer inducing nuclear particle that you cannot detect with a Geiger counter and which sticks to the insides of your lungs.

My reliable source of information is Arnie Gundersen.

post script
Will somebody please give Gundersen the Nobel Prize and prove to me that there is, despite all the devious and corrupt dealings we see every day (if we open our metaphorical eyes) that there is something rare and precious still to be found . . . and that is 'intelligence' coupled with 'integrity'.

Why am I only now receiving Google messages telling me to stock up on freeze dried food? This deadly radiation has been spewing out for 3 months!

Why am I only now learning about hot particles? These dangerous and almost undetectable particles must have been around for 3 months - so why didn't the WHO or the IAEA tell me about them?


  1. Integrity? I think that is a word which has almost died out in the world of politics Gwilym (if it was ever there).

  2. Pat,
    integrity needs civil courage, a quality that is conspicuously absent in the world of politics today.


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