Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Paper talk

They told me not to eat cucumber
then they showed me a picture of a Spanish cucumber

They told me not to eat sprouts

then they showed me a picture of German beansprouts

Till now they have NOT told me not to eat MOX

or shown a me a picture of a Japanese hot particle

Till now -

But maybe

they will

when they have to?




  1. Very good. Or, should I say, very bad? They, for sure, won't tell us andy more than they have too!

    Enjoy your blog.

  2. In these days of blame culture it seems that everyone is trying to blame everyone else for that E Coli outbreak. Cucumbers and beansprouts moulder on the shelves in our supermarket - don't the press whip something up into a frenzy. Japan and the nuclear thing is no longer headline news so that have forgotten all about it.

  3. Who remembers H1N1 or H5N1 or even BSE . . .
    but everybody remembers Chernobyl.

    Why do you think they changed the name of a certain carbuncle in Cumbria 3 times?

    Fukushima is many Chernobyls. That's why I always harp on about it.

    Beginning in 7 to 10 years from now the millions of cancers will come home to roost.


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