Monday, 18 July 2011

Busby in Japan

Dr Christopher Busby is in Japan to inform the Japanese public of the true Fukushima radiation facts and also to report on the fact that the Japanese government is not telling its own people the truth about the serious risks to health, especially the health of children.

Busby says that the UN's IAEA-WHO cover-up has already started.

"It's time for the people to save themselves!" he concludes.

Video of first presentation now at EX-SKF. Sound quality poor for first 10 minutes then good. A must view.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Thanks for the invitation. I have replied to your blog2.

  3. Gwilym - I have now totally lost confidence in every government after our newspaper scandal, so I am not surprised by anything any more.

  4. At least the Farmers Weekly is still OK I presume - :)

  5. Pat, strange that the main whistleblower is suddenly found dead . . . this seems to getting to be habit in the UK


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