Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Canis Major

The dog that barks at strangers
saunters by
to find his friends at the Coco de Mer

where an honest cat withdraws her claws
served with wholesome food
and vintage drink.

A remedy is found untried
in the deep spaced silence of the night

where the breeze that spins
the weather vane
ignores the light

of the lustral window in the starry night

Note re my image:
I'm sure this is a friendly dog - I mean him no offence. He was guarding his master's bicycle which is not shown in the picture. According to Roman myth Canis Major was supposed to guard Europae but he failed and Europae was stolen by Jupiter. The bike, as far as I know, was not stolen.


  1. your note is almost more poetic than the poem

  2. Grrrrrr. But really he's a fine looking beast!


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