Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Independence Day in Greece

all know that the nation of Greece has financial problems and that there is an ongoing crisis; people are out on the streets presumably demonstrating against the belt-tightening caused by decades of corruption and tax-dodging in high and low places. And that is tragedy enough.

But the real tragedy is that nation of Greece has sold its last remaining asset, its once proud Hellenic soul, to powerful outside interests.

On 4th July 2011, American Independence Day, six Americans - 4 women and 2 men - off the detained vessel the 'US Boat to Gaza' (see post: The Audacity of Hope) were taken into custody by the Greek police. Their alleged crime? To be found sitting on a bench opposite the American Ambassador's residence!

The passengers, a cross-section of American middle class and intellectuals, were sitting on a park bench to protest against the arrest of the captain of their vessel. At the time of writing the captain is still in custody and awaiting a court appearance. Their captain's alleged crime? Attempting to sail his vessel from Greece into international waters contrary to the wishes of Israel and the USA.

The roll of honour: The 6 Americans who 'celebrated' American Independence Day 4th July 2011 in a Greek Police Station were: Ray McGovern, Linda Durham, Debra Ellis, Ridgeley Fuller, Ken Mayers, and Carol Murray.

Can Greece, now a lackey nation, ever redeem itself? We must wait and see.

Captain freed after 4 days in custody. No charges brought.


  1. Injustice drives me crazy Gwilym, wherever and whenever it raises its head.
    The financial position of Greece is certainly very bad, but when ordinary people see bankers and the like making huge bonuses then is the time they rebel.

    I would like to bet that money is behind the Gaza thing too - it always is.

  2. The IMF Bank will soon own Greece. So who will be next? They should do what the Icelanders did. I'd like to see the IMF screw money out of them. Or do what the Russians did. Said, 'Get lost. We already paid with our blood.'

    People have no guts for the fight anymore. I don't mean going to war or causing trouble on the streets. I mean standing up for justice, for what's right. I went on an anti-nuclear peaceful demonstration - about 24 urned up. It's a can't be bothered mentality brought on by brainwashing from the mainstream media.


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