Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Creation (1)

The Great Spirit spoke to Arna and Bajjara and said: Go forth and tell this story . . .

There was darkness which covered all space.
The darkness was silent and still. And in it
the Earth was cold and lifeless. On the
surface of the Earth there were mountains
with lofty peaks. And there were valleys
and hills and plains. And there were deep
caves and caverns. In these caves there were
the forms of life. And the forms of life were
unconscious of their surroundings. There was
no wind, not even a gentle breeze. And for a
long, long time a deathlike stillness pervaded

In the stillness and the darkness there slept a
beautiful goddess.

There came a time when the Great Spirit
whispered to her: Awake and go forth. And give life
to the universe and everything therein. Awaken the
grass, then the plants and then the trees. And bring
forth insects, fish, reptiles, lizards, snakes, birds, and
animals. Then rest until all things you have created
have developed to fulfill their purpose. Nothing
shall come forth that is not of benefit of other parts
of the Creation . . .

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