Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Creation (2)

The goddess took a great breath and caused
the still atmosphere to vibrate. Then she
opened her eyes and saw that her being was flooded with
light. Darkness disappeared before her. She looked
upon the Earth and saw how empty it was. And below
the Earth she saw a tiny speck. The Mother Sun.

From a distance she came towards the Earth. Faster
than any meteor. And gently alighted on the Earth.
From her home on the Nullarbor Plain she set out
on a journey to the west. Grass grew and trees and
shrubs sprang up in her footprints. Then she walked
to the north until she passed to the south and came to
her starting point. Then she rested on the Nullarbor Plain
where the giant trees and the vegetation all lived together
in peace.

All at once a voice commanded: Go forth to the caverns
and bring forth life. She set out taking her brightness with
her. She stayed beneath the earth for one whole day. Then
there came forth from the earth swarms of insects of all
colours, sizes and shapes. And the Mother Sun rested.
At this stage of Creation there was no setting of the sun.

There was no darkness except within the bowels of the Earth.
She looked down into the abyss, into its cold depth. The solid
ice melted before her presence. From out of the abyss there
emerged snakes and lizardforms without legs. A river also
came forth and wended its way through a valley. And in the
water of the river there were fish of all kinds.

The Mother Sun beheld her work. She saw it was good. She
commanded that all life she had created should be everywhere

A wind bore her round the whole of the Earth and brought her
back to her home on the Plain of Nullarbor. Once again she
descended into a cavern. After her visit there came forth birds
of every kind and animals of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Then Mother Sun commanded that there should be seasons. And
that light and darkness were also to visit the Earth. The hottest
parts of the Earth would gradually be cooled and become quite cold.

Mother Sun called all the animals together and said: My work here
is finished. Another will come to govern you. I will go to a higher
sphere where I shall be your light and life. You shall all be changed.
When you die your bodies will return to the Earth and the life I called
forth shall be transferred into those regions near my abode, and shine
and be a guide to those who come after you.

Suddenly Mother Sun rose from the Earth and soared into the heights.
This became the beginning of morning and night.

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