Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mind your heads!

The 20-year old UARS satellite is due to crash into the Earth any day soon. Unfortunately NASA doesn't know the exact date or place the satellite will come down. It could come down as early as the day after tomorrow. And almost anywhere between the latitudes of Cape Town and Aberdeen.

The satellite will break up into many pieces, perhaps a hundred or more, on re-entry. The heaviest piece will weigh about 300 pounds which is roughly the weight of 3 average sized humans.

Several large brightly glowing pieces of junk and dozens of accompanying smaller bits and pieces will be traveling at a fair rate of knots. A veritable display of fireworks in the night sky is possible.

With luck it will all finish up in the sea.

A worst case scenario doesn't bear thinking about.

Mind how you go.

UPDATE: NASA says UARS will not hit USA - may fall to Earth on FRIDAY!
UPDATE: Possible time/location, 2300GMT FRI to 0300GMT SAT Pacific Ocean.
UPDATE: Final resting place unknown. Might be in Western Canada or Pacific.

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