Monday, 31 October 2011

because she's beautiful

You look down. She's looking at you.
You look away.
You look again.
She's still looking.
Don't stare because she's beautiful
but because you're lost in thought.
Every moment counts.

text: Tim Love 'Love at first sight'
image: Gwilym Williams
muse: Jim Murdoch
A review of Tim Love's latest collection can be found at The Truth About Lies - see blog update links >>>


  1. Thank you for the plug, Gwilym. Always welcome. I'm still struggling to hit 5500 visitors a month let alone 7700. Well done by the way.

  2. Hi Jim, I don't get 7700 every month! Between 3,000-5,000 is the norm but maybe I've turned the corner. Actually it doesn't matter how few you get so long as "it's the few that matter" as Dylan Thomas said in one of his letters.

  3. I would rather get one or two positive comments than a whole lot of visitors who are pretty meaningless. What do numbers matter - who's counting?

  4. Hi Pat,
    I admit I do like comments. One of the things I intend to do in the near future is to go back and reread them all with a view to finding readers ideas for new ideas. I like a lot of visitors too. This drives me to produce the best I can. I should think there must be several hundred original poems on the blog by now. I may trawl through these and select a selection of the very best. Other ideas also in the brew. A lot to do in forthcoming weeks.

  5. Based on what I have seen here, and your generous comments on my otherwise woebegone blog, it is not the quantity of your voice that I admire, though it is sonorous, but rather the incisive wisdom you bring, spanning topics from ethics to politics to philosophers on LSD.

    Happy Samhain from the wretched Empire, that not too long ago hosted wild herds of 70 million buffalo.

  6. Hello OWL,
    many thanks for your kind words - my new post of today is specially for you and your insightful "woebegone blog"

    Toowit Toowoo and greasy Joan doth keel the pot!


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