Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yueltide - as a log on the fire

as when
the cold and sickly smell
of candles clung too thick
was overlaid and all wrapped up
with scented fog of incense

as when the preacher's band
of singers waxing on
in warm and drowsy
muffle to my ears
was as the icy
of a cake
with layered marzipan
and chain store fruit within

as when the robin sang

upon a window ledge

"a log on the fire"



  1. That is really getting me in the mood Gwilym. A happy Christmas to you.

  2. It''s the robin makes the day for me! My heart lifts when I see one.

  3. This really is a heart warming poem. I love the robin moment as well. There's one who visits my garden after all the noisy birds have left. Sits on the back of a garden chair.

    Have a very Happy Christmas.

  4. Thanks Annie, I'm pleased you enjoyed. To have a robin sit on your garden that's a wow! I'm afraid we have a cat comes by . . .

    John, cheers and thanks!


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