Thursday, 22 December 2011

What's wrong with them?

I'm worried for them.

I don't want them to go down a path of brutal violence such as Europe went down in the 1940's. They must find the path of peace. They are standing at the crossroads.

Vienna University 70 years ago

Already, on Obama Withdrawal Day plus 1, early reports are coming in of 60 people murdered in Iraq. Why?

In Egypt the violence in Cairo shows no sign of ending. Why?

In Libya unreported atrocities are being committed. Why?

In Syria 230 are killed in one day of bloody violence. Why?

In Yemen, in Bahrain, and in other countries conveniently below the mainstream radar protests are going on or are being subdued . . .

In Saudi Arabia a woman is beheaded as a witch . . .

Elsewhere a woman, a victim of rape, is stoned to death . . .

What is the problem? Is the Arab world now going insane?

Thinking aloud, maybe the problem has something to do with all those straight lines the colonial powers liked to draw in the sand.

Maybe straight lines is not the Arab way. Perhaps they are a caravan serai people. Perhaps they feel they are being fenced in.

There's something evil at the root of all this. Friday, after prayers, is often a very bad day for bloodlust. Tomorrow it is Friday. Shall we see it once more?


  1. Have you read 'Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad' by Bee Rowlatt and May Witwit Gwilym? It does goes some way to explaining how Sunni and Shia seem to find it impossible to live peaceably. Yes, I think you are right - these are a wandering people and live by their tribal laws and sombody - at some time- (colonial powers?) has drawn false boundaries - and now these countries are being torn apart.

  2. I've just been to the library and got my Christmas reading. I'll put my selection up on the blog. I haven't come across the title you mentioned. Sadly just seen on the internet that 5 Polish soldiers were killed in Afghanistan in some kind of explosion. Don't suppose it'll even make the mainstream news outside of Poland. Turkey still in denial about their Holocaust. Some kind of political spat going on in that regard. But they are in NATO and also EU candidates so they can do/say what they like. And nobody says anything about Israel blockading the Gaza concentration camp. What price the TRUTH!

  3. A 'Friday special' yet again as predicted. Two car bombs in Damascus. More than 30 killed.

  4. Nigeria. Many murdered celebrating Christmas in church. There's a lot evil in this world.


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