Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Perfect Babies

You know how it is with babies
some are born less than perfect
but they say there was a boy long ago
a direct descendant of God himself
born to a virgin. Let's say he was.
He would have been a perfect baby
but truth to tell he must
like this poem
have been less than perfect.
God's only son was less than perfect!
How can that be, you cry!
Fortunately for the baby boy
God's faux pas
was quickly picked up by
the sharp-eyed virgin
and she took him in
for minor surgery.
It was quickly performed.


  1. Oh Gwilym - you surpass yourself!!!

    As was once said to a lady in our village when she remarked to the doctor that her daughter was perfect. He said "There is only one perfect baby and every mother has it."

    PS I always knew God was a woman - what makes everyone think she was a man?

  2. I'm sure money changed hands. But the less said about that the better.

  3. And this minor surgery meant he could not have offspring so all these theories and books are now demolished?!

  4. I don't know if He couldn't have offspring but it would be highly unlikely since He was not 100% human in genetic material terms to begin with.

    However his 4 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters who were presumably 100% human (and presumably the offspring of the revitalized Joseph) incubated in the same womb which had borne the son of God would.

    Only an idea of course.


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