Saturday, 28 January 2012

The unblemished tale of EU apples

- wholesome, natural and delicious fruit -

The unblemished tale of EU apples

Delicious apples from Chile
Said the print on the box
In the supermarket aisle

I bagged one green and two reds
The green tasted scrumptious
The reds tasted of zilch

No seeds in the red ones

Was another surprise
And yet they were perfect
Shape colour and size

I sadly concluded:
It's time
I got wise

So now
I choose apples
more rustic and wild.


  1. Absolutely right Gwil. The ones that taste the best are the ones that the EU says we must reject as they are not perfect. Go round a market in somewhere like Italy and the housewives will all be buying the misshapen, scabby ones as they are more concerned with taste. Have a nice weekend.

  2. The EU allows global big business, via the dubious influence of so-called lobbyists, to do what it wants to promulgate everything from weapons of war to atomic power stations to seedless apples from the other side of the world and then tries to stop the small trader or with his local grown produce, herbal remedies, etc., from earning a living - at the same time dumping all that EU surplus in Africa to put the local tomato growers in for example Senegal and other market traders out of business there and at the same time pollutes their rivers with oil waste and takes all their offshore fish - it's a bloody disgrace - and then we have the nerve to stop boat people coming across the sea from Africa or if we don't stop them we throw them in prison until we figure out what to do with them - whilst at the same time we bomb Libya which used to have the highest standard of living and best education opportunities in the whole of Africa with depleted uranium and then we leave the country and its people in chaos and then boast about how we have rescued a few animals from a zoo Tripoli. At the same time we expect poor EU countries to use the same banknotes and have the same financial standards as Eurozone nations like Germany, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Holland, and France who have already carved up the EU cake for themselves. The whole business (for that's what it is) is a tragedy and a farce.


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