Monday, 7 May 2012

Overheard Overhead?

 Scene: A building site in Dublin.

The new construction worker was a bit confused and asked: 'Joist? Girder? What's the difference?'
The foreman patiently explained: 'Joist wrote Ulysses, Girder wrote Faust.'


The joke is from the introductory Note on Pronounciation to John Armstrong's Love, Life, Goethe - How to be Happy in an Imperfect World (Penguin - ISBN 978-0-141-01128-8); an enthralling book currently occupying my reading hours. Not heavy going at all. More like a fireside chat; illuminating and informative without being difficult to read. A suitable book for our times.


  1. This sounds my kind of book Gwilym - not too difficult to read. When I read the joke and before I got to the book review beneath it - I thought the tone of your blog had taken a dip!!

  2. One of my favourite jokes - only in the version I know the punchline recoils onto an English foreman who has set a test for the Irish job applicant!

    Q: Why did the chicken commit suicide?

    A: To get to the other side.

  3. Dominic, thanks and good cluck.

    Pat, It's worth hunting down.


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