Monday, 7 May 2012


The World Health Organization should publish the true facts and be damned; they should tell us what's going on in Japan, especially regarding the health status of children living within the evacuation zone as defined by the Americans at the outset - that is 80 kms from Fukushima Daiichi - not the 20km or 30km the Japanese authorities prefer.

When Fuel Pool No. 4 collapses, which it will do when the next major earthquake hits the region, statistically probable within 3 years, it will be too late for anybody to do anything.

The fact is that nobody in a position to do anything has any idea what to do with No. 4 sitting there lopsided with its 1500 fuel rods on the roof. You can't cover it with lead and concrete like at Chernobyl. All TEPCO's so-called experts can do is basically hope for the best. They hope that the Worst Case Scenario doesn't arise on their watch.

The other important fact is that the No. 4 Pool contains the same amount of radioactive material as that released over the whole planet during the airborne atom bomb tests; that is more than 800 nuclear bombs going off - and, as Arnie Gundersen at Fairewinds points out, happening "all at once" and in one place.

One of the main reasons we are not being told the truth about the looming Doomsday Scenario is that the WHO is in bed with the IAEA. They are both in the arms of the UN.

As I see it, the time has come for the WHO to stand up and be counted. Sadly it won't happen.

The Japanese-led IAEA won't do or say anything useful either.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere be aware of the danger and keep yourself informed. The mainstream media, as usual, will not tell you anything*.


*Did you know for instance that Blueberry Jam from Poland contains over 200 bq/kg of radioactive Chernobyl cesium. And you wonder why all your friends have got cancer? Wonder no more.

*Mushrooms in Japan found to contain 400bq/kg cesium; tea, rice etc. up to 500 bq/kg. Japanese field mice with 350 bq/kg.

*Numbers of migrating Muttonbirds returning to New Zealand from Japan 30% down. Failed to grow new feathers. Poor condition.

*BBC/Lonely Planet: Tokyo Recommended for Honeymooners!!!!

*Cesium-137 at Fukushima Daiichi site 85 times greater than Chernobyl.

*of all the children who were exposed to Chernobyl radiation whilst in the womb only 3% were found to be healthy on reaching age of 7.

*11th April RSOE-EDIS Update: Polar Bears in Alaska are suffering from loss of fur and lesions which may be due to events at Fukushima. Similar problems detected in seals in same area.


  1. Who to blame and what to do absolutely Gwil. I tend to bury my head in the sand because of my age - but I know I should not do it. Sadly, people who make a fuss about these things are often thought of as cranks - it is a topsy turvy world and we all blithely go on towards doomsday, doing nothing.

  2. Hi Pat, I've just updated with the bad news about the polar bears. Many animals including dolphins, pelicans. seals, fish, in Pacific from New Zealand, to Peru to Alaska are in terrible shape. What are they eating?


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