Saturday, 11 August 2012


those forbidden fruits

were ne'er forbidden  

the garden grows between our ears


  1. Alas Gwilym - I don't understand it - this probably means that what is between my ears is wearing out.

  2. Thanks John.

    Pat, it means what it says, and the picture of the pine cone I photographed on the wall of a small non-descript room in an old monastery provides the clue. It is a pine cone. It is a pine cone because, as the monks knew, it strongly resembles the pineal gland of the human brain - this pineal gland is the so-called forbidden fruit - but it is in reality not forbidden for it is the way the way to knowledge. They, who would control us, wanted to keep the idea of knowledge through science and discovery to themselves and so they seeded mankind's destiny with superstition and fear. And in doing so they placed the garden eastwards in Eden.


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