Tuesday, 21 August 2012



the path to know 

the way


  1. Clever. I like it Gwil.
    But I am intrigued by the "building" in the photograph. I cannot make my mind up about the scale of it and wonder what on earth it can be. Please enlighten me.

  2. Thanks Pat. As it is close to the old 'iron curtain' border I suspect it may have had some kind of military use at one time. Perhaps a tunnel of some kind.

  3. And the chimney may well contain a spy camera then? Thanks for the info Gwil.

  4. Pat, or maybe for ventilation- the ground is lower than the field behind so 'the lid' may have in the past been covered with earth. Or maybe there's another simpler explanation.

    If I ever get to go that way again I'll seek out the farmer and try to get the information for you, or even a look inside.

    It is only a stone's throw from where the picture of the crucifixion (a few posts below) was taken - where a young Russian conscript, the scent of victory in his nostrils, fired his rifle .

  5. ps Pat - but looking at the target I think he deliberately missed it.


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