Monday, 17 September 2012

Why are we killing the sea?

It comes to light, courtesy of Norwegian daily newspaper Alfenposten, that Russia has been dumping its nuclear waste into the Kara Sea (Arctic Ocean) for decades.

The extent of the problem is greater than anyone could have imagined.

The nuclear waste in question includes:

14 nuclear reactors including 5 reactors containing spent nuclear fuel rods,

1 nuclear submarine (K-27) complete with two loaded nuclear reactors,

19 ships containing nuclear waste,

17,000 containers of nuclear waste.


Where's the rest of it?

What other countries have been dumping nuclear material in the sea or are currently using the sea as a nuclear garbage site?


  1. You won't read it in your newspaper but blueberries growing 60 kms from Fukushima have been found to contain 600 bq/kg of radioactive cesium. And you know how kids like to collect berries and eat a few along the way.

    But that's just one small example of the way the mainstream news media is being manipulated by politicians and quasi-scientists in the pay of nuclear industry lobbyists from.

    They suck!


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