Monday, 5 November 2012


Time's messenger 
stands at the door 
in his cloak 
and hurrying to Pablo I split   

 Women with rosy cheeked apples 

it down hair fine 
to so many mins 
and so many secs
to cover my sheets regardless of size

at naked lunches on lawns 

like his 
with my verses 
Pab's knife's in a frenzy  
of forming and fashioning  

in wicker chairs sensual

forcing his eros 
out of his oils 
and into the world 
by day and by night 

fondly stroking their cats

releasing his potent 



  1. Clever. I had to read this several times before I realised that it was best read as two separate poems. I decided I rather like your Green period.

  2. Thanks Pat and John, I'm pleased you both enjoyed my green period!

  3. naked lunches on lawns - fantastic image that! I agree, the only way to read it is as two separate poems Gwil - but as always - I love your poetry.


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