Monday, 5 November 2012


    Here, in pictures (incidentally I took these photos at the Israeli pavilion during a recent visit to the Venice Biennale) are four major issues which could influence the way the electorate will vote; any one of these issues could tip the balance in tomorrow's US elections, you would think.

   Oil is at the top. Without oil the US and the US military cannot function. That's just the way it is.  This helps to explain the quote (third picture down) by a former US Secretary of State, the late Alexander Haig and his words in their turn reveal to us the reason why the USA is and must continue to be Israel's no.1 friend: "Israel is the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk."

   And, as we all know, Israel is near the oil. 

   On my radio today I heard a seemingly intelligent woman say that she was going to vote for the other guy because he was handsome without being overly good-looking. She claimed that many middle-aged women would be following her example. 

  On the TV yesterday I saw several men, among them a prominent Republican bulldog, saying they would be voting for the incumbent because of his quick and decisive  response to the Hurricane Sandy disaster. People still remember George W Bush's almost abysmal response when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.  

   And finally there's the economy. One taxi driver in Chicago said the economy was "now on the up". If that's true we can only hope that the American people make the right decision and don't throw their money away on another war anytime soon. There is much that needs to be done. The American infrastructure needs overhauling; the electricity grid needs modernizing; the prison population needs reducing; more needs to be spent on education, health, housing and other basic needs. The Patriot Act needs to be scrapped. Even the voting system itself is not of the required standard. 

  Americans need to have their old freedoms returned to them.  Only then can they preach to rest of us. 

  To my American readers I send my best wishes. May it go well at the ballot box.






  1. Gwil, anyone in this country, who thinks that it doesn't matter to us here who wins that election tomorrow - is either mad or has their head in the sand. May the best man win (and I leave you to guess who I think that is.)

  2. I live in the middle of America in an integrated environment. In 2008, when President Obama was running against McCain, there was a degree of ebullience in the neighborhood that was quite strong among blacks and reflected as well among some whites. The latter seemed pleased to see the happiness among the former. This time around, however, things seem different. Neither group is ebullient but rather grim instead. There is a stillness on this election eve. The media says Obama by a flicker but I don't see that flicker in the eyes of the blacks and whites I live with.

  3. Pat, What you say is true. "When America sneezes the world gets a cold!" is still valid as we have seen more than once in recent years,

  4. Donal, I think there may already books ready to go on sale about Obama's second term. A German author, something of a White House insider ,whose name I can't recall has written one anyway. Maybe this lack of Obama ebullience is mostly nerves, they are afraid he could lose. Romney could get the female votes. As you say it's a flicker.

  5. May the new leader help to lay the foundations for a better world.


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