Thursday, 24 January 2013

Three Books

The three books shown below are newly arrived here. I'm thrilled to have them and I hope soon to be reading them. 

They were written by regular readers of this Poet-in-Residence blog. 

David Pike, YouTube poet, can be found at the Pulsar link in my sidebar. He is the editor of Pulsar, which was the paper periodical of the Ligden Poetry Society but is now an online poetry magazine. You may submit poems to David at Pulsar via email. You can also view David's many short videos on YouTube. He is often to be found reading his own poetry in his own unique way to camera via the YouTube bar at the top of the Poet-in-Residence homepage. David's new book The Strand is a collection of his poems from the years 2007 to 2011.

Jim Murdoch is your host at The Truth About Lies website which is always on my updated blogs links list. Jim can be found in some remote location in Scotland or, for our convenience, more easily via the internet. He is an excellent book reviewer and I believe he has three books published. I suspect that Milligan and Murphy has its share of Waiting for Godot moments. Yesterday at Vienna's de France Kino I viewed the Ken Loach film Angels' Share which is, amongst other things, about the 2% of Scotland's whisky which somehow evaporates through the walls of the casks and is known as the angel's share. Here's a glass raised to you Jim! 

Alan Morrison is to be found at the Recusant, another website on the Poet-in-Residence links list. Alan travelled to Sweden to research his latest book which is about the "tall skies" and of course the inhabitants of that Scandinavian land. I've never been to Sweden, so I'm eager to know what Alan has to tell me through his long poem. I'm pleased to say that I had a contribution accepted for the important 2011 anthology Emergency Verse, a 300-page tome edited by Alan. It featured work by 111 other poets with a social conscience; ranging from Tamar Yoseloff to Keith Armstrong. Like David Pike's website the Recusant website also accepts emailed submissions.


  1. How wonderful is the power of the internet Gwil.

  2. I don't watch many films - not that I don't like films (I do) but the titles and trailers of most films leave me cold. I did see The Angel's Share though and thought it was really good.

  3. It is indeed, Pat.

    Dominic, we are lucky in Vienna that we have two cinemas which show the best in European films. Angels' Share won a Palme d'Or. To me these 'local' awards mean much more than Hollywood Oscars.

  4. Unlike many of my fellow Scots, Gwilliam, I’m afraid I can’t stand whisky. I don’t mind a Glayva though with some ginger ale.

  5. I only take it for medicinal reasons ;-)


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