Friday, 25 January 2013

Weltuntergang haiku

When the last bee is poisoned 

And the tribes have scattered 

Fish will get along swimmingly 


In the next few centuries, if not sooner, the dangerous species known as homo sapiens will cause large portions of the  Earth's land surface to become a radioactive wasteland. Homo sapiens will also destroy most of the world's wild creatures and plants. Homo sapiens will even manage to degrade his own DNA, in particular the thyroid hormone, and create an abundance of cretins. Fortunately homo sapiens will NOT succeed in mutilating or extinguishing all life on Earth. The ocean is vast. Even homo sapiens cannot poison it all with his filth. There will always be fish.


  1. Can we be sure about that? Is it impossible for water to become contaminated Gwil?

  2. Obviously we cannot be sure about anything and the seas are becoming more and more polluted, enclosed seas will probably be unable to support fish, it already happened in some, but the worldwide ocean is so vast - it is 70% of the planet - I suspect there will always be a place for them to go even under the ice if they need to.


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