Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bruno Gröning (1906-1959), the healer.

The other day I received a leaflet about a man I'd never previously heard of. He was a healer and it is documented that he healed many people without taking any money from them or even touching them. He was a German and his name was Bruno Gröning.

Curious to learn more about this man I looked on YouTube and there I found two documentary films in English about his life.

There is at the foot of this post a useful link to a website which in its turn has links in the sidebar to the two YouTube films. In these films, which are actually trailers for much longer films, you will meet some healthy looking individuals now claiming to be completely cured of their illnesses and you will be able to judge their testimonies for yourself.

I am sharing this information because it confirms something that I believe in and have discussed here on Poet in Residence from time to time and that is that there is an invisible force in the universe that is more powerful than we can begin to imagine and it is a force we can access and use for good.

Gröning gave the force a name. He called it Heilstrom.

Gröning is also an interesting person because when he was young he confided to a friend that he would one day be able to cure thousands of people and later in his life he predicted the manner of his own death.

When the German authorities banned him from using his healing powers he said that he would 'burn up inside' and that is exactly what happened according to the doctor who performed the autopsy. Gröning's Heilstrom had no way or means of release - nowhere for it to go - and so it destroyed him. The official cause was given as stomach cancer.

You'll need approximately 35-40 minutes to watch both of the YouTube documentary highlights. Together they present a remarkable story.

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