Monday, 7 January 2013

The Numbers

       Green shoots of economic revival are already evident  -  Ben Bernanke 2009

We emptied 

the chest 

decorating the tree 

the many long branches. 

We followed in order 

wherever they went.  

More Growth!  was the word 

and great was its season. 

It all had to do 

with the numbers. 

Numbers from nothing 

rising to hundreds 

To thousands 

to millions 

then millions to billions 

and trillions 

Even quadrillions and 

then on 

and on 

for as long as one counts. 



even the zillions

we went.


Courtesy of my local Chinese Restaurant here are my 2013 fortune cookie lucky numbers: 12, 32, 17, 11, 04, 37. Good luck to you and may you win many prizes!


  1. Are you intending to enter these in the Lottery every week Gwil? Happy New Year to you - and thanks for cheering me up with your comment on my blog.

  2. Hi Pat, I always enjoy commenting on your blog. Regarding the 6 numbers I have to admit that I don't buy lottery tickets so the numbers in the fortune cookie were no use to me. It saddens me when I see people standing in line to buy several packs of cigarettes and a fistful of hope. I hope some deserving person has luck with my lucky numbers.


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