Thursday, 7 February 2013

Note from an haikuholic

joining the dead drunk poets 


was not my brightest idea! 

Whatever it is you're looking for you won't find it here - Raymond Pettibon 


  1. Look carefully - the whisky bottle is firmly closed! A good poet doesn't need drink or drugs whatever they tell you to the contrary. There are other much safer ways to expand the mind.

  2. I have been back and had a careful look Gwil and am relieved to see you are right!
    Your line at the end reminded me of the Bob Dylan song 'it's not me Babe, it's not me you're lookin' for'

  3. Pat's right there is a link there...just read report re. Maya Angelou saying the same thing as Seamus Heaney...we build on those poets before us! keep being a haikuholic!!!

  4. Thanks Gerry. It's like you both say. I like the Raymond Pettibon quote. The man is a walking library. His pockets are invariably stuffed full of bits of paper torn from newspapers, books, whatever.


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