Monday, 4 February 2013

Next thing, I reflect

   -  - - -  a mosquito (or something) IS


in the room 

how IT sings in my ear

in passing

zeeee- -- eeee ---yee!  yippie aye o!



between long silences

And yet how strange 

and devious

the false castrato song 

for it is the bearer of the next disease 

and other ill tidings

- - - now only ONE in the room! 

(a far as I know)

If so it's enough

One hot kiss on the tip of my nose 

Too Late

I waft no tangible air 

her waltz goes on 
 my elbow
my toe
 my brow 

for now I know -
 it is a she 

the male drinks not of my life blood

at last I can stand her no more 
I crawl from the bed 
 drag her heat   
to the bathroom 
 where I stare in the glass 

at one point

now inflamed
glowing red on the wall 


  1. Pity I wasn't there with you Gwil - a mosquite will make for me at five miles - I am a magnet.

  2. They do say they mostly go for people with sweet blood ;)


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