Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Here is the front page of the Austrian daily paper Heute. One subject dominates. It is the latest terrorist bombing outrage. This time at the Boston Marathon.

The question being asked, once again, is: Why?

The young boy in the picture is Martin Richard. He was standing with other spectators near the finish of the Boston Marathon route. He was looking out for his hero. And then he spotted him. He ran out to his daddy. They hugged. "Let me run to the end," laughed Bill Richard and went on his way. Martin returned to his mother, brother, sister. Seconds later a bomb went off . . .

Martin (8) was killed.

Martin's sister Jane (6) has had to have her right leg amputated. His brother Henry (12) has received injuries to an arm. Their mother was struck on the head by flying shrapnel; possibly nails and ball bearings. She is now fighting for her life.

"Boston," writes Christian Nusser in his editorial, "is a liberal city, almost European, and has some of the best universities in the land. So why this attack which targets so many children? The answer is as plain and simple as it is bitter. It is because the assassin is a dastardly and poisonous spider; a species which will never die out and against which there is no antidote . . ." 


  1. There really are no words to describe this kind of atrocity Gwilym are there? My heart goes out - it is always so much worse when children are involved. I think of all those little children in Syria.

  2. Why are there so many merciless and dastardly terror attacks against children? I think of the the case of Brevik and all those children on that island unable to escape and through to this present case with many children in the front line watching their mums and dads running a marathon; it's just one slaughter after the other. It appears that one person has just been arrested as a result of video footage at a shop near the location.


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