Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Waiting for Red

The Earth 

Our Amber 

Blue Planet 

Of Curious Alarms

In Permanent 

Temporary Status

Of waiting 

For Red. 

Green Signal




  1. I don't think I understand this Gwil - but cannot help but think of the red and green and amber as danger and safety with amber in between and relate this to the awful tragedy in Boston.

  2. Hi Pat, you can read the whole thing line by line and then you can read the right side line by line disregarding the words on the left and you will see that both versions are in their own way kind of poems, the second version being more of a text or telegram style message than the first which contains all the words and is more literal in quality. You are right to think of the traffic light sequence. Having not seen green since 9/11 we assume the light is broken. Hence the conclusion.


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