Wednesday, 3 April 2013

the catch

all shining
the weight of fish
in the bright blue box

all cleaned
with the big red knife
and the guts

thrown down
to the flags for the gulls
who arrive

as he wipes
the blade
on the dirty towel

from the gulls
there is nothing
to hide


  1. Like the colourful imagery - the blue box, the blood, the red knife - the sparse use of words Gwil.

  2. Thanks again Pat. I don't know how many poetic forms I've experimented with on this blog. It must be dozens. The Sparse is one of my favourites. Other forms I enjoy playing with include the Sonnet, the Rant, the Chaotic and of course one of your favourites the Double-Sided or Split Effect. It's all grist to the proverbial. It's now snowing again. Big flakes, too.

  3. Like it. Captures something that can be complicated to explain about nature red in tooth and claw and says it simply.

  4. Thanks Dominic. With the arrival of a sort of late spring or maybe an early summer, I trust you've shaken the dead and alive spiders out your trail running shoes. I shall of course check!


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