Friday, 10 May 2013



MC  = E

misprinted in Bangladesh 

The death toll in the collapsed Bangladeshi sweatshop where branded products for the EU and the USA markets were stitched up   has risen to more than 1,000 and the number of injured to more than 2,500. 

As if one tragedy is not enough there is more horror news. A fire has broken out in another factory and the death toll is rising there too. 

So what is the EU Parliament doing about it, or intending to do about it? We can no longer say 'it is over there' and so it is not the EU's concern. 

The deaths of these workers and the suffering of their families is on our collective hands. 


Because we are the ones responsible for tolerating these kinds of substandard working conditions; because when it comes to making money, and getting cheap imports, we have always turned a blind eye. 

Europe has a long history of 'doing its business' on the subcontinent. It's time to put our house in order.

The situation may be terrible but it is far from hopeless. 

Fair Trade enterprises like THOKKTHOKK are showing the way forward. Check out their website,  especially the page titled 'About' and the subheading 'production', and take a look at their photos; you will be impressed by the high standard of their operation in India

Personally I have no qualms about wearing my THOKKTHOKK t-shirt. It's a 100% ethical product, it's a top quality product, it's made from 100% organic cotton, and it's made by people working in a clean and safe environment. No workers were killed or injured during its production.

In the final analysis the power to change things for the better is always in the hands of the consumer. 

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