Wednesday, 8 May 2013

In the Laboratory

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity - Albert Einstein

dissectors of flowers 
seek to discover the secrets 
of beauty 

and dissectors of seeds 
search for the roots 
of the trees

others with books 
dissect numerous verses 
for reasons unknown
. . .  here comes 
the announcement  
of interest 

"One working
with mushrooms 
  discovered a secret!"

we all gather round 
to see
the mathematics 

the beautiful
of the square 


. . .  soon in the desert
more beautiful flowers
will bloom

taller than trees 
more dangerous
than poetry


  1. Are we talking mushroom clouds here Gwil?

  2. That's right Pat. As in the song 99 Red Balloons you cannot name the horror directly. You always have to use a euphemism.

  3. This one has become my favorite of your poems, Gwil. I love the contrasts and idea of deadly beauty... though when you think about, this is a scary poem!

  4. Thanks Mike, as one imagines it the "deadly beauty" as an aesthetic creation when witnessed theoretically from a safe distance, e.g. as E=MC2 on a t-shirt.


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