Wednesday, 5 June 2013


an ape in a tree

and no sign of a rainbow

a penguin floats by


Yes folks, another "flood of the century" is upon us; the highest waters for more than 500 years in one town on the Danube.

The last "flood of the century" hereabouts was in 2002.

As man battles to control the forces of nature by erecting ever higher dams or dykes and lately portable steel and concrete slot-in walls to protect his flood plain properties there are occasional news reports of animals being rescued from a zoo.

Some animals, we must assume, will have perished (not reported), and some will have made their bids for freedom. No news yet on the penguins.


  1. Surely the penguins should be OK Gwil - they are such expert swimmers. Interestingly - I read your haiky without the bit underneath and thought 'how surreal' - then I read the rest and realised its significance.

  2. The penguin is a mighty swimmer! He'll not need to flap his little wings on the way to his next destination, so fast the giant wave is moving. He may be in Bratislava by now. Or even in Budapest. But the polar bear, where is he? He can swim too. Did he get over the wall? That is the question.


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