Thursday, 6 June 2013

haikzoo 2

blowpipe pokes through fence

on river island zoo

trailer tailgate up


The zoo animals, as I have witnessed on TV, are being blowpiped with tranquilizer darts so that they can be transported to safety from a zoo on an island in the middle of the Danube. It's like a bizarre scene from an Amazon film. The "flood of the century" is on the way.

The previous "flood of the century" was in 2002. There was an almost "flood of the century" in 2005.

An interesting aside to all this is this:

A long time ago the mighty Danube flowed not into the Black Sea as it does today but into the Adriatic Sea. Rivers, can and do change their course in the passage of time. Will the Danube do so again? And if so when?

With every town and village erecting higher flood barriers in what used to be flood plains and gorges ever more water is being channelled downriver with every "flood of the century". Where and how will it all end?

There will certainly be an account to pay. We should learn to work with the forces of nature. We should know when to yield. We should learn to be more wary.

News from afar is that another waste tank at Fukushima Daiichi is currently leaking radioactive water . This kind of thing barely merits a mention these days.

Smile and stay happy and you won't receive any radiation related sickness say politicos and paymasters.

Around the world there are hundreds of nuclear power stations, many well beyond their designed life span.

The next major earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, typhoon, snowstorm, hurricane, flood, tornado, or jellyfish armada is only a matter of time away.

And nobody knows what to do.


  1. Or cares it would seem Gwil.

    We read about these floods over here - they seem pretty catastrophic. We had all the rain last year, you seem to be getting it this year. There is no doubt that our climate is changing and things do have to change to take it into account.

  2. Just been watching the Lion King - rain is the potent force behind so many things.

  3. Pat, I think we ain't seen nothin' yet. There's quite a sharp bend before Bratislava for all that water to surge around. And, as every schoolchild knows, water weighs one tonne per cubic meter. The ancients built the original old town up on the hill. I wonder why?

    Gerald, do they still play 5-day cricket in England? But I see your summer is wonderful!!!


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