Thursday, 6 June 2013


from the flooding fields

deer look through the chainlink fence

to the autobahn 

Many have drowned. In the last "flood of the century" (2002) it was officially 80% hereabouts. The affected are mainly young. This year's crop. It was proposed to close the motorway for a day and let all cross to safety. This was rejected in the interests of the priority of the safety of humans. Economics was not mentioned in the TV news report. They have large dark eyes. Pleading . . . almost. But not quite. It seems.


  1. That is really awful Gwilym. Are you alright where you live?

  2. Yes, I live on a hill. Germany, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Hungary and Rumania are also seriously (understatement) affected. A photo in today's paper shows houses in Germany surrounded by strange and sinister yellow water. I will try and scan later.

  3. Have not been able to ascertain if any nuke plants are affected. But working on it.


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