Friday, 7 June 2013

Blue Danube or Yellow River?

Bavaria: The Yellow Danube drowns Deggendorf

from today's Die Presse:

". . . Bavaria . . . Two dams breached . . .  Low lying areas evacuated . . . People flee onto their roofs. Rescued with helicopters . . . north of Györ in Hungary water level rising . . . main wave will reach Budapest on Monday . . . army mobilized . . ."

One thing about water is that we can see it coming and get out of the way. When it has passed we can go back. This is not the case with radiation. At Fukushima the radiation in the form of noble gases was 3 times higher than at Chernobyl and the radiation in the form of cesium was the same as Chernobyl. When you have 45 minutes to spare it will pay you to go HERE and learn the truth about the continuing apocalypse.


  1. Yes Gwil, one advertises that it is coming - the other is a silent killer.
    That water does look scary though and I wonder what has happened to the Danube cruises? I suppose that is the least of the worries for the poor folk who live in its path.

  2. Hi Pat, re the Danube cruises I believe there are currently 20 ships stuck in Vienna. A group of 125 senior citizens from the UK disembarked across an emergency pontoon bridge yesterday in Nußdorf near Vienna by after being unable to get ashore from a Dutch ship for 5 days. They appeared in good spirits and were taken to hotels. I don't know what the yellow stuff is but I well remember the Danube turning red after a dam burst at a Hungarian aluminum works a few years ago.


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