Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The cat lover

The cat lover (1920-2013)

Her whole life 
was her cats 
and she loved 
them all endlessly 

the bad tempered 
blind cat
 of the wardrobe
as much 

as the cat 
with the hump 
on its back
and the cat with three legs.

She loved
each cat as much
as the others -
and each one

as much as
the cats that slept
on her bed
till the end

of their lives 
'neath the cat
with gold eyes
on the wall.


Before the preacher 
had sprinkled the water
and the boy with the incense 
had wafted

all those cats 
in their heaven 
had already welcomed her 



  1. This is absolutely lovely Gwilym. I shall send a link to my daughter in law - she is also a cat lady (and has a three legged cat).

  2. Pat, I hope she enjoys it as much as you obviously did.

  3. lovely memorial for whomever she was

  4. Thank you Gerald, she was the aunt of a friend. But I knew her well. I wrote short stories about cats and gave them to her at Christmas so that she could improve her knowledge of English. In fact she once told me that during the Hitler years she and five other women would hide in a cellar and read English texts and listen to the BBC believing that Hitler was certain to lose the war and that afterwards they would be forced to speak English. As happened to the Welsh as I remember it. Google "the Welsh Knot".


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