Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Energy Drink Drinkers

smarty and snappy 

snap open their cans

which they drain 

and then crush 

with bare hands

these drop to the street

with a clatter 

where they'll stay 

a few days 

doesn't matter a damn 

for doubtless a man 

with a brush 

and a pan

will happen to hobble along 

and possibly pick them things up 


  1. I like this Gwilym. There is a lot of internal rhyme which makes it move along quite quickly until those last two lines - then it slows up - yes the cans might stay there for some time before they are picked up.

  2. The energy drink supplies enough energy to crush the aluminum can but not enough energy to carry the debris to the nearest litter bin.

  3. £80 spot fine if you get caught - but its the mum whose kid drops a lolly stick out of the buggy who generally gets caught.

  4. Gerald, I think it's a €36 fine here, and the same for dog poo. How can a mum be fined for the lolly stick of a baby, since no offence has been committed? The baby is under the age of criminal responsibility which is to say it is under 10 years of age and therefore can do no wrong.


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