Wednesday, 10 July 2013

haiku 2 the power of 0 news thanx 2 SK14

radiation spike
everything must be okay
the power of no news


  1. Did you see Gwil, that the Head of one of the Departments at the Japanese site where the accident happened after the tsunami, has died at the age of 59 of Oseophagal Cancer?

    'They' said it had nothing to do with the accident and the fact that he has insisted on staying on site ever since in order to supervise the clean up!

  2. Gerald thanks for the line 'power of no news'.

    Pat, I saw the guy had died. One of many unsung victims no doubt. There's a lot of steam currently escaping at Fuku which can't be explained according to Tepco. Par for the course but not on the news of course.

  3. A small paragraph tucked away in the middle of today's paper states that the latest estimate of the real financial cost of the cleanup is the equivalent of €44 billion (i.e. 5 x the govt's figure).

  4. the power of no news is the news of no power


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