Saturday, 2 November 2013

Give that man the cigar!

Poet-in-Residence 2013  Whistleblowers Cigar Award for services to humanity 

Like the child in the children's story of the Emperor's New Clothes,  a man in Japan has dared speak an unpleasant truth in public and has done so, on behalf of the present and future children of Japan, in the presence of an emperor. 

I have no Nobel Peace Prizes at Poet-in-Residence but to the courageous Mr. Yamamoto I present the Poet-in-Residence 2013 Whistleblowers Cigar Award for services to humanity. 

May it go well with you Mr. Yamamoto


  1. Weii done that man. When one thinks of the way the Japanese used to think of their Emperor - things have come a long way - but not far enough. I always think how odd that the Japanese are so keen on Nuclear power after Hiroshima and Nagasaki - you would think they would be the most aware of the dangers.

  2. You would think that anyone with a little knowledge of nuclear history (think nuclear tests in the Pacific etc.) and the effects of uranium and plutonium on the environment and the people and having a mere grain of intelligence would think long and hard before allowing in the interests of profit and military might, more than 50 nuclear power stations to be built in an archipelago sitting on 3 or 4 major fault lines and therefore subject to regular shaking from strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions (a Mt Fuji eruption overdue!) and category 5 typhoons, not to mentions giant tsunamis, and other hazards wouldn't you?


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