Sunday, 3 November 2013

On Red Crossed Graves

 Death's residence 
 finds a painted cross
adjacent the headstone's 
chiseled name 

Red is the mark 
for financial  gain

When rent's overdue
in death 
as in life 
the business matrix 
is the very same

Should the dead hold out 
(no pockets in shrouds) 
the removal men
will lock the gates 

and like ghosts in the night 
spirit the marble stone 
If common 
 they'll knock it

down . . .

Dead is dead 
and the dead one's energy 
goes ahead !

Don't take the red candle 
from the slot machine
it   throws its light  
on the smashed up plot

The plot will be empty 
in a small space of time
and rented out 
to the next in line. 

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