Thursday, 19 December 2013

Frost in Winter

park fence with frost

 tangled maze with frost

red berries in frost

sun on gate in frost

Cough Drops 

When I become older 
And colder and slower

And nights on the couch 
Are longer and dreaded 

My trick is to drink 
The magic of winter 

This season of colds
Will be punched into spring!

 Two paths diverged in a wood  . . . (Frost)


  1. I like The Fence photo and the door. I would walk as far as the door and then turn back.
    I like winter.
    I like sitting on the couch.

  2. Ah yes mucho thanks, I see now that I didn't make the 'punch' line clear so changed it to read 'season of colds', so now the 'nights on the couch' makes more sense I hope..

  3. Ah yes, I understand what you are saying now. I thought to myself I don't know what he is saying here, it is far too subtle for me. Hence my reason for the making the innocuous comment.

  4. The Austrian's get through winter colds and chills by means of hot rum punch and glühwein ,so having been coughing and sneezing for 3 weeks I'm learning to do the same!

  5. I like the two paths diverging. Gluhwein is what?

  6. Basically it's like hot wine. Not sure what's in it.

  7. For medicinal purposes only of course.

  8. I've just had another one to check and I have to say it didn't taste a bit like medicine. hic. Hope your Xmas is going well! I daren't look at the football results.

  9. Thanks Sandra and best new year's wishes to everyone in Chile!

  10. the frost hasn't really bitten here yet but often winter doesn't get going till January though the Jan sales now start on Xmas Eve

  11. All the best Gerald! Here shoppers were even queuing round the block on Christmas night for shops to open at 6am on Boxing Day.


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