Thursday, 20 February 2014


Earlier today I visited one of my favourite places which is the Essl Museum near Vienna. After buying my ticket I couldn't resist clocking-in at Gregor Maver's Mind the Gap installation. I left Gregor my Poet-in-Residence blog address scribbled on the card I clocked-in with, since there was an available white space doing nothing.

In the museum shop I bought a book; an important book by Karl Kraus which is titled Die letzten Tage der Menschheit (The Last Days of Mankind).  

More about my visit and why I bought Karl Kraus's book to follow.


  1. Clocking in - those were the days Gwil - do any firms still use that technique?

    46939998 7

  2. Pat, The young artist is from Slovenia and his prize-winning work is from 2011 so I assume these things are obsolete there too. Another exhibit by a young Eastern European artist was a ship made from what appeared to be hundreds of unused Soviet era razor blades which had no trace of Wilkinson sword edge sharpness, although I didn't risk testing one with my fingertip. Perhaps the indifferent quality of the blades is why so many Russians in those days grew beards?

  3. I like this art installation. I wonder if your card will ever be discovered.


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