Wednesday, 19 February 2014

- doing nothing in an expanding universe -

 the celestial club  
  pops into existence  

 lie in a field and measure it with a ruler   
  every hour it grows  

  a rosy view of the future    
 < stifle a yawn > 

  those few snatched moments  
  watching the grass grow  

 the future ain't what it used to be 
 social isolation  vacuum packed  zero-point energy  crunch snap rip fade

and then the male nipple 
busy doing nothing . . .

Fifteen phrases, some adapted, plus the addition of four extra words to expand the title, served to make the above poem-construct and can be found on fifteen different pages in Nothing (266pp) if anyone with nothing better to do feels so inclined.

Nothing is edited by Jeremy Webb and published by New Scientist-Profile Books (ISBN 978-1846685187).


  1. The photo is a distraction.

  2. Mmm. That might explain recent changes in the blog audience profile. France, China, Malaysia, USA all up.
    UK and Australia down.

  3. I don't know about this audience profile thingy and why should the photo distraction cause UK and Australia to go down? In the photo you look like you are on an examination couch. Maybe this is what you meant.

  4. To find the audience profile thingy for your blog click on the top right corner and go to your stats page. In left column you can choose all manner of things including graphs, pie charts, maps, and so on. Somewhere in this list is Audience and from there you can go to a list of countries viewing your blog in % terms. As you see I'm on a couch. A bed-setee thing it was. I'd just woken up and I wondered where I was.
    I'm wearing my running cap. Somebody must have put the cap on my head when I was sleeping. I played the same trick on a friend who fell asleep on a bus. He suddenly woke up in a panic, shouting about a cat on his head. You could try it on P.

  5. Rachel, Having slept on it I've decided you're right about the photo being a distraction. My thanks. I've taken it off.

  6. The poem is very good. I still have not tried this method of writing but will soon. I am sorry about the photo. I added some to my blog in sympathy.

  7. Rachel, I've reinstated 'Search This Blog' near top right corner of blog. If you enter Virginia Woolf you can find some poems I collaged from her works. Hope you enjoy them.


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